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bulldog yoga

– 2017 NJ CAMA Astra GOLD Award Winner –
bulldog yoga, the non-yoga yoga brand

bulldog yoga came to Ryan James Agency in mid-2015 with a brand vision and drive not common with your average yoga studio. We were challenged to bring that brand vision (yoga with workout purposes and set to music!) to life online and within traditional marketing materials. As we developed the brand voice via our social media marketing, writing and development, we found that the more we pushed an irreverent tone, the more engagement we would receive. So, we decided to stay with what stuck – and now, after  1 short year, bulldog yoga is highly successful and looking to expand to new markets and cities.

bulldog yoga is a full service client at Ryan James Agency. We handle all strategies, creative, media planning and buying, all digital and traditional marketing initiatives and more.

Have a look at our social media marketing work for bulldog yoga:

What We Do

Media Planning + Buying
Videography + Production
Social Media Marketing (paid and organic)
Influencer Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Google AdWords (PPC)
Affiliate Marketing
Blog Promotion
Marketing Material Design and Development
Interactive, CRM Design and Development
Email Design + Coding
+ more


Successful Brand Launch
Increased Brand Awareness
Steady + Increased In-Studio Traffic
Brand Reach Beyond Brick + Mortar Location
Thought Leadership
Increased Revenue